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Our Major Donors

The CCST Fellows program began in 2009 as a five-year pilot project made possible by the generous support of key Founding Donors, led by a $3,500,000 gift from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. CCST is tremendously grateful to the following institutions and individuals who have provided initial and continued funding to the Fellows program, at the $25,000 level or above:

S.D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation*
Heising-Simons Foundation*
William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
Kingfisher Foundation*
Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation*
Bill Rutter Foundation
TOSA Family Foundation*
WHH Foundation

Corey Goodman
Irwin and Joan Jacobs
Charlie Kennel

(Click here for all 2015 supporters.)

* Asterisk denotes a Founding Donor who supported the initial launch of the Fellows program.

Giving in 2015

CCST would like to thank the following institutions and individuals who have provided funding in our 2015 Giving Year. Supporters will be recognized in our 2015 Annual Report.

$100,000 and above

S.D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation
The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation
Heising-Simons Foundation
Bill Rutter Foundation
TOSA Family Foundation

$50,000 and above

Irwin and Joan Jacobs

$25,000 and above

Bruce Alberts
Charlie Kennel
Dave Martin
WHH Foundation

$20,000 and above

Corey Goodman and Marcia Barinaga

$10,000 and above

Robert Byer
Edward and Camille Penhoet

$5,000 and above

C. Gordon and Gwendolyn Bell
Robert and Ann Dynes
Theodore Geballe
Miriam John
Burton McMurtry

$1,000 and above

Burroughs Wellcome Fund
Peter Cowhey
Bruce Darling
Thomas Day
Doug Brown and Ron Evert
Kenneth Fowler
Susan Hackwood
John Hennessy
Jude Laspa
Carol Papay
Maxine Savitz
Van Ton-Quinlivan
Joseph Walkush
Robert Wertheim
Julie Meier Wright

$500 and above

Bao Ha
David and Susan Hodges
Amber Mace
Stephen and Cheryl Rockwood
Soroosh Sorooshian
Beverly Wyllie and Loring Wyllie Jr.
Abe Zarem

$250 and above

Pat Callahan
Michael Clegg
Alexis Erwin
Nathan Phillips
Randy Pestor and Joanne Speers
James Pooley
Michael Rodemeyer

$100 and above

Arthur Bienenstock
Erika Bustamante
Art Chester
Randy Chinn
Lynn Cominsky
Steven Dorfman
Vivian Ericson
Graham Fogg
Le Ondra Clark Harvey
Matthew Holland
Donna King
Dharia McGrew
Frances Muir
Janet Muir
Amber and Martin Scholz
Carl and Gerry Weinberg

$50 and above

Colene Mace
Jean Muir
Shannon Muir

To join this list of generous supporters, donate to the 2015 Annual Fund for the CCST Science & Technology Policy Fellows program.

  • Make your contribution by credit card via Kindful
  • Make your contribution by check to "California Council on Science and Technology" with "CCST Fellows" in memo line. Mail donation to: Development Office California Council on Science and Technology, 1130 K Street, Suite 280, Sacramento, CA 95814

Updated 9/6/16